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  • Gratuity being an important retirement benefit to employees in the Indian context, is relevant for a...ll organizations (i.e. MNC's, Schools and Other business entities) having more than 10 employees. Gratuity is a statutory obligation on the shoulders of the employer to make the payment of Gratuity to his employees as soon as it becomes payable. Let’s discuss the eligibility criteria of Gratuity. show more

    Jun 01, 2022
  • In the fast-growing age of technological progressions and Globalisation, one thing is drawing the at...tention of finance experts, banking authorities, and several New Investors. That is none other than "Cryptocurrency". "Cryptocurrency is a form of decentralized digital currency secured by Cryptography and based on blockchain technology. The decentralized structure of cryptocurrency allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities." The prevalence and popularity of Virtual Currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc. have considerably increased globally in the recent past. Various Investors from India are attending to this phenomenon and wanting to get a fair share of this euphoria.  show more

    May 31, 2022

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